Integrated Study Information System of University of Economics, Prague allows the academic community, university staff and public to access a wide range of information. Many people have devoted much of their time and effort to help implement the system at the university. Therefore, we will truly appreciate if you direct any problems you encounter or comments you may have to the university system administrators. This way we will be able to help you or complement the information system with any relevant features. We recommend that you contact us on our e-mail address Contact address.

•  Phishing e-mail from Česká pošta  
•  Doprodej posledních vstupenek na Reprezentační ples VŠE v benátském stylu  

  Personal administration

  •   Log in to the Personal administration of ISIS   •   First log in to ISIS instructions   •   System integrators   •   Download security certificate   •   Where to find relevant browsers   •   Tools for ISIS
  Admission procedure

  •   E-application form to study at VŠE   •   Admission procedure results   •   Course application   •   Application to University of Third Age (U3V)
  Information about VŠE

  •   Persons at VŠE   •   Bodies   •   Validity verification of identification cards   •   Departments   •   Browse through blogs   •   Phone numbers   •   Thematic search   •   Lecture rooms   •   Types of ID cards in use   •   Public document server   •   Basic information about the university
  Study information

  •   Academic year schedule   •   Study plans   •   Study Department office hours   •   Public catalogue of courses   •   Public library of e-objects   •   Agreements with foreign partners   •   Final theses   •   Display and print the course weekly plan
  Science and research information

  •   Projects   •   Publications
  About the information system

  •   ISIS documentation   •   Address   •   Development team   •   Statistics of using ISIS   •   Are you thinking of implementing a study information system at your university?   •   Guide ISIS

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